Boost White Porcelain Pool and Surround

Just a stone's throw from London, this private villa is a throw back to a traditional Mediterranean style. This project used Atlas Concorde's concrete-effect porcelain tiles. 

A white wall, a blue sky bursting with the sun's rays, the scent of wild flowers, and the gentle sound of unspoiled nature. It’s a view that immediately recalls the Mediterranean landscapes typical of the coastal countries of Italy, Spain, and Morocco. And that’s exactly the feeling inside a private villa in Bromley thanks to the creation of a space that conveys the understated allure of maritime residences.In this setting suspended somewhere between Mediterranean charm and the calm of English city life,  Atlas Concorde's concrete-effect porcelain tiles  were selected to adorn the villa's outdoor spaces.

Thanks to the  outdoor tiles of Atlas Concorde, the patio and pool area blend the nature, elegance, and freshness typical of the architectural style of southern Europe. White, the tone used for the floors, is also a clear reference to traditional Mediterranean houses where the delicacy of the sea breeze can be enjoyed.

The expressiveness of the concrete look clads the  outdoor areas  of the home with sophisticated elegance by combining  technical performance and esthetic sophistication . The concrete effect is stripped of its typically industrial look to decorate the space with a unique material capable of being the perfect extension of the indoor spaces.

The versatility of the  concrete-effect tiles , thanks in part to their  20 mm thickness specifically intended for outdoor use , guarantees a product that is safe, weather-resistant, and easy to clean. In some specific settings such as the outdoors, the tiles must not only be beautiful but they also must have technical and application characteristics that limit the risks of falls and slips. Precisely for this reason,  non-slip Atlas Concorde floor tiles  have proved critical and made it possible to create continuity between spaces that have different purposes and characteristics.
The end result is a space marked by an understated, elegant, and bright style where an absolute sense of lightness prevails. An inspiration that offers relaxation and wellbeing for an extremely refined style in perfect harmony with nature.