Luxurious Outdoor Living: a Sanctuary of Elegance

Nestled in the heart of central Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK, this remarkable project showcases the artful synergy of luxurious outdoor living and impeccable design. The sprawling terrace area serves as an oasis of relaxation and an exquisite dining space.

Once a family home in need of modernisation, this property has undergone a large transformation overseen by a family who sought not merely a home, but a sanctuary that harmoniously caters to both adults and children, fostering moments of reprieve and conviviality.

The front facade is graced with the natural grandeur of McMonagle exterior natural stone wall cladding, a testament to refined taste and architectural finesse. In harmony with the contemporary elements of the roof, front door, and surround, the client chose Silver Quartzite from the Stoneer range. The 'L'-shaped corner pieces emulate the substantial depth of authentic stone walls, adding a depth to the façade. The entire front and side paths of the property are embraced by the sleek embrace of Atlas Concorde Boost White porcelain, its modern concrete finish seamlessly weaving together the chosen colour palette.

Venturing to the rear of the property, the vision of local garden designer Sue Blakeley unfolds—an artist known for breathing life into outdoor realms. In her inspired design, a raised dining and socialising sanctuary emerges.

A grand staircase descends from the property's first floor, unveiling a 120 m² expanse of outdoor bliss. The choice of oversized 1200x1200mm tiles from the Atlas Concorde Boost White porcelain range amplifies the modernity of the space. Their smooth, refined finish forms the cornerstone of a contemporary aesthetic that gracefully complements the minimalistic outdoor furnishings and architectural accents, crafting a space exuding cohesion and sophistication. Four huge steel planters, each with a beautiful olive tree, sit on either corner of the main terrace square.

The alfresco dining area beckons, offering seating for up to 16 guests. Here, culinary delights can be prepared on the integrated BBQ or the countertop-

mounted pizza oven, while refreshments are kept cold in the integrated fridges. The selected porcelain, resistant to stains and heat, ensures both ease of maintenance and enduring beauty.

Adjacent to this culinary haven, a contrasting border crafted from Atlas Concorde TM Black porcelain draws the eye, defining individual zones within the outdoor haven. Beyond the inviting soft seating area, another area awaits, poised to entertain yet more guests.

Gazing back from the lawn towards toe terrace, a gracefully designed set of steps guides one back up to the elevated terrace. Boost White porcelain, mirroring the landing's material, makes a bold statement, accentuated by the grandeur of five six-meter-long steps. The step risers, also composed of Boost White porcelain, exude order and logic. Intriguing, raised planters, chosen for year-round interest, colour and scent, sit either side of the steps, infusing visual intrigue and seamlessly melding with the garden's overall aesthetic, rendering this outdoor haven a masterpiece of design and leisure.

Companies involved with this project:

Contractor: Mann Contractors,

Garden Designer and Installer: Sue Blakeley,

Architect: Coleman Anderson Architects,

Materials used in this project:

Atlas Concorde Boost White Porcelain 1200x1200x20mm

Atlas Concorde Boost White Porcelain 1200x600x20mm

Atlas Concorde Boost TM Black Porcelain 1200x600x20mm

McMonagle Quartzite Wall Cladding Stoneer Silver Flat Pieces

McMonagle Quartzite Wall Cladding Stoneer Silver Corner Pieces