Porcelain Outdoor Paving Fortezza Diorite

Introducing Fortezza Diorite premium porcelain, a remarkable addition to your architectural projects. Crafted with utmost precision and inspired by the enduring beauty of natural stone, this premium Italian porcelain brings elegance and functionality to your design. The dark grey hue of Fortezza Diorite looks like granite, emanating a timeless and sophisticated appeal.

The dimensions are 900x450mm and the slabs are 20mm thick, these exterior slabs provide a durable and resilient solution for your outdoor spaces. Whether it's a patio, terrace, or walkway, Fortezza Diorite Porcelain effortlessly withstands the elements while maintaining its pristine appearance.

Not only does Fortezza Diorite offer the visual allure of grey porcelain, but its superior quality ensures longevity and easy maintenance. Transform your outdoor environment into a luxurious retreat with the captivating Fortezza Diorite Porcelain, the epitome of style and durability.

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286 900x450mm 20mm £ 38.00 £ 32.00 158.96