Concrete Outdoor Paving MBI GeoColour 3.0 Tops Meteor White Gray

Embark on a journey of modern garden design with MBI GeoColour concrete paving tiles—a choice that not only brings contemporary aesthetics but also boasts a material with a remarkably versatile and genuinely natural top layer. This top layer, crafted from fine materials, exhibits both toughness and an authentic natural appeal. The tiles, with a substantial thickness of 40mm, are available in various sizes, offering flexibility for diverse design preferences.

GeoColour 3.0 Tops elevate your paving experience with a Protection Plus Factor of 30. What sets this factor apart is the application of a double protective layer, strategically implemented after 24 hours. This meticulous process enhances the tile's compactness, elevates colour reflection, and imparts a captivating shine. Beyond aesthetics, the tiles become notably easier to clean, a practical advantage complemented by the light satin sheen that bestows the terrace with a particularly attractive and chic appearance. Step into the realm of GeoColour 3.0 Tops and redefine your outdoor space with style and functionalit

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Options Available
Code Size Thickness Price / + VAT Qty Avail.
652 600x600mm 40mm £ 55.00 0.0