Granite Aggregate Scottish Pebbles

Scottish pebbles have a great variety of greys, pinks, browns, greens and whites and they are the best looking pebbles around. These natural stone pebbles are extracted from glacial deposits in Scotland which has given them their well rounded and smooth finish.

They look fabulous in water features such as ponds and streams, as the water really brings out all of the different colours. They also can be used for ground cover to add a different texture to the garden, but not for paths or driveway due to their smooth shape and different sizes.

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Options Available
Code Size Pack Type Pack Size Price / Bulk Bag Full. + VAT Qty Avail.
118 14-20mm Bulk Bag Full £ 188.80 12.00 Bulk Bag Full.
119 30-50 mm Bulk Bag Full £ 180.40 4.00 Bulk Bag Full.
120 50-75mm Bulk Bag Full £ 178.70 5.00 Bulk Bag Full.