Limestone Outdoor Paving Kotah Blue Calibrated Sawn Edges

Kotah Blue Limestone pavers are slightly lighter and bluer than our grey slate slabs, and their edges are straight cut. It can be used on its own or in combination with other natural stone materials.

The Kotah blue limestone paving has previously been used with black limestone patio slabs to make an outdoor chessboard. It has also been used outdoors to continue indoor areas of Grey Slate interior tiles or Kotah Blue interior tiles. Another option would be to use them in conjunction with Grey Sandstone steps for a close colour match but interesting change in texture.

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Options Available
Code Size Thickness Price / + VAT Qty Avail.
197 275x275mm 25 mm £ 31.95 41.18
198 560x275mm 25 mm £ 31.95 4.76
199 560x560mm 25 mm £ 31.95 3.15
200 560x840 mm 25 mm £ 31.95 0.00