Sandstone Outdoor Paving Lemon Riven Calibrated

Lemon sandstone garden slabs have a real wow factor, reflecting the colours at the light end of the range of colours found in Raj paving. Similar to the Raj sandstone flagstones, Lemon Sandstone is reminiscent of some types of traditional Yorkstone paving.

This Indian sandstone riven paving is characterised by its grey and swirls of rusty brown in some of the flags. Lemon Sandstone patio paving slabs have been mixed with Raj riven flagstones to extend the colour range and tonal variation in a patio with stunning results.

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Options Available
Code Size Thickness Price / + VAT Qty Avail.
408 275x275mm 25 mm £ 26.50 73.89
409 560x275mm 25 mm £ 26.50 32.94
410 560x560mm 25 mm £ 26.50 -0.23
411 560x840 mm 25 mm £ 26.50 0.00